Below are the whole school topics for the year in which all children in reception will participate. In addition to these planned activities children will regularly be encouraged to think of some of their own ideas which we incorporate into our planning.  Children’s ideas are collected by use of termly ‘topic webs’ and through weekly class discussions. We value all children’s contributions towards our planning, and by allowing children to share their own interests and ideas they continue to be motivated learners.

Autumn Term:

Marvellous Me!

Before we start work on our topic we will be focusing on settling into our new school, the daily routines and making new friends.

In this topic we will be thinking about how wonderful we are! Looking at the things that make us unique as well as investigating hair and eye colour, height and age. Creating a time line of our lives so far and discussing our hopes for the future. Creating a ‘Guess the baby’ display, including ones of our teachers! We will use a wide range of media and materials to create beautiful self-portraits to display around the school. We will also be focusing on getting ready to write by building up our muscles by taking part in regular Disco Dough Gym sessions.

Let’s Celebrate!

In this topic we will be looking at the special celebrations that are happening in our families, local community and the wider world eg Harvest festival, Divali, Fireworks night, Remembrance Sunday and Christmas. We will also be looking at the different kinds of celebrations that happen within our families eg weddings and birthdays. How does your family celebrate these special events?

Celebrating the change in seasons, looking at the changing colours of the leaves and creating our own environmental art inspired by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy.

Spring Term:

Funny Bones

In this topic we will be thinking about our bodies and keeping healthy. In Literacy, the children will look at the ‘Funny Bones’ stories and will create their own little books. They will also look at retelling and sequencing events from a story in the correct order. We will focus on ‘people who help us’ and think about the similarities and differences between them. In Maths, children will learn about measuring, with a focus on using non-standard measures. Children will use their hand span, feet and strides to measure a range of large scale objects and they will be comparing the length and height of their bodies to a peer. We will be looking at how to keep ourselves warm and will look at a range of clothing to decide which ones would be most suitable. The children will create their own ‘skeletons’ using a range of different materials including; art straws, masking tape and pasta. They will also make ‘natural’ skeletons by drawing around each other using chalk. 

Record Breakers

During this topic we will be thinking about records that have been broken around the world. In Maths, children will think about how they can break their own records, for example, running a certain distance in a quicker time. We will also be ‘comparing’ a range of things, such as the weight of two different objects. Children will also measure on a large scale, mapping out creatures that have broken records for height, length or size. In Literacy, we will be writing fact cards about record breaking creatures and will  focus on writing clues for others to guess which creature they have chosen for a ‘guess who’ game. Children will use Beebots and remote control cars to ‘race’ each other to see who can break their own records.

Summer Term:

Can we fix it?

In the final topic we will be putting our builder’s hats on! The children will be thinking about a range of different materials and will compare the uses and properties of them. We will be looking at the job roles of builders and mechanics and the children will have the opportunity to become ‘mechanics’ in our role play area. In this role play area we will also be using ‘money’ and children will be encouraged to use some simple language about coins, prices and change. Children will have the opportunity to design their own buildings and create them using a range of construction materials and tools. In Literacy we will be writing letters to ‘The Three Little Pigs’, to give them ideas about ways to ‘fix’ their houses.   In Maths children will be writing some instructions for vehicles, using positional and directional language, enabling them to get from one point to another. We will be exploring with construction kits and creating 3D shapes. Children will also be working on making sensible estimations and checking estimations by counting carefully.


In this topic we will discover ways to learn with water! Children will explore a range of different sized containers by filling and emptying them to learn about capacity and explore what objects float or sink. They will solve maths problems including adding, subtracting, doubling and halving. The children will be introduced to the ‘add’ and ‘minus’ signs and will use them to record maths problems. In Literacy we will look at a range of books about water, for example ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, and will be continuing rhyming strings. We will be thinking about how to look after our environment by watering the plants, remembering to turn taps and lights off and recycling the paper we use. We will create ‘musical jars’ with water and think about how they sound different to one another. The children will explore with different water colours and will use marble inks and create ‘blow paintings’. We will also experiment with transporting water from one place to another, for example by using pipes, watering cans and containers.